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Be the ‘Decision Maker’ Not ‘Follower’

Be A Decision Maker

By: Amy Septiarini


Consciousness is what we lack of as a human being, as a society. It often occurs protestors march down the city hall screaming the rights of the people for only the Lord knows what or whose rights they are trying to preserve.  Another example is producers exploiting consumptive behavior of a consumer due to their lack of sentient as to what are they are purchasing and rarely consider the long term advantage of the purchased goods.

With the increase of information available in the media people nowadays needs to be the decision maker and not only a follower.  Outcomes of our decisions indeed may vary however when we decided to go down certain ‘road’ we should be fully aware of what kind of action we are about to take.

This way of thinking should also apply when it comes to choosing a candidate in the legislative and/or presidential election to represent OUR voice in the government. When choosing the so-called- right candidate, (i) you must first consider what their work programs are and synchronize the work programs with their actual experience so as to fully understand the candidate’s capacity and capability; (ii) educational background – Nelson Mandela stated that “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special”.  The reason why I high cap the word “our” is because it is our voice that matter and we want a leader with intelligence that listen and respond to our aspiration with grace and action and not being too overly dramatic about it; and last but not least (iii) character. Education without character is pure evil.   Know your representative, what their activities are, and their actual contribution to the society not only for publicity.

When we are purposefully aware of electing a candidate, we are consciously being aware of the decision we are about to make. We’re deliberately noticing the actions and our responses to those actions. We’re noticing the mind wandering, and when it does wander we purposefully bring our attention back.

And the other way around, those who are entrusted by the people to represent their voice in the government should be mindful of the measure of the responsibility they are about to inherit.

We should all remember that democracy means from the people and for the people!


About the Author:


* Amy Septiarini is Vice Country Manager Indonesia of #KampanyePutih